Commonwealth: Seven things wey you fit no know

The Queen for India in 1997 Image copyright PA

Commonwealth leaders dey meet London. See seven things about dis kontris dem wey you fit no know.

1) One-third of di world population dey Commonwealth

About 2.4 billion pipo - out of 7.4 billion wey dey dis world - dey live inside di Commonwealth 53 kontris. And plenty of dem dey under 30 years old.

Di kontri wey get di biggest population na India, wey be almost half of all di pipo. But 31 Commonwealth kontris dem get population of 1.5 million pipo or population wey small pass so.

2) Some of im members never-ever dey part of di British Empire

Image copyright Reuters
Image example Rwanda bin dey colonised by Germany and Belgium, no be UK

Rwanda and Mozambique join for 2009 and 1995 respectively, and non of dem bin dey under British colonial rule or get constitutional link with Britain.

Some kontris dem don waka comot before. Robert Mugabe remove Zimbabwe for 2003 after dem bin give dem suspension ontop election wuru-wuru mata.

Dem bin suspend Pakistan after dem do Military coup for 1999 and dem welcome dem back after four-and-a-half years. And South Africa komot hand for 1961 after Commonwealth folow dem talk ontop dem apartheid mata. Dem becom member again for 1994.

Di last Kontri wey waka komot na di Maldives for 2016.

3) Di Queen na head of state for only 16 of di Kontris

Many of di Commonwealth states na republics and six - Lesotho, Swaziland, Brunei Darussalam, Malaysia, Samoa and Tonga - get dia own king.

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Image example Tonga get im own King - Tupou VI (centre)

4) E big well-well

One-quater of di world land mass na Commonwealth.

Di giant inside di group na Canada, di world second biggest kontri. India and Australia dey big too. But many of di states dem small - like di Pacific island nations dem of Nauru, Samoa, Tuvalu and Vanuatu, and Dominica and Antigua and Barbuda wey dey for di Caribbean.

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Image example Canada big well-well...
Image copyright Getty Images
Image example Nauru less so

5) E bin change name

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Image example Di Commonwealth head of government bin meet for London in 1969

Dem form di new Commonwealth for 1949, after dem remove "British" from di name and dem com say to allegiance to di Crown no go be by force again. Only two pipo don ever be head of di organisation - King George VI and Queen Elizabeth II.

Di kontris dem wey start di Commonwealth na Australia, Canada, India, New Zealand, Pakistan, South Africa, Sri Lanka and di United Kingdom, wey form "free association" of independent kontris.

Di Commonwealth bin no get constitution until e adopted im Charter for 2012, wey commit im members to 16 values of democracy, gender equality, sustainable development and international peace and security.

Di Commonwealth din don dey criticised say e be post-colonial club and say dem no too get power. Gambia announce say dem dey komot for 2013 come talk say na "neo-colonial institution".

Pipo wey dey support am say di things wey dem dey gain inside na developmental support and co-operation ontop international goals dem.

Secretary-general Lady Scotland, talk say: "Our member kontris dem go nurture and protect democracy, development and respect for diversity."

6) UK na im still get di biggest economy for Commonwealth

India fit collect number one soon.

If dem combine di GDP of di 53 kontris e go be $10tn (£7tn). Wey nearly big reach China im own ($11tn, £7.7tn) but e still no reach United States own wey be $19tn (£13.4tn).

Export wey UK do go Commonwealth kontris for 2016 almost be di same as di ones wey go Germany, dis na about 8.9% of all UK im exports. Importation wey dem do from Commonwealth go reach 7.8% of di UK total - wey be di same wit wetin come from China.

7) E get pass one commonwealth

Image copyright EPA
Image example Di Commonwealth of Independent States bin meet for Minsk, Belarus

No forget di International Organisation of La Francophonie - a group of kontris dem wey dey speak French. And e get di Commonwealth of Independent States, wey dem start for 1991 by members of di Soviet Union.

Another thing we de for inside dis tori