R. Kelly dey face fresh accuse on top bad sexual behaviour

R Kelly Image copyright Getty Images

American musician R. Kelly dey face fresh accuse on sexual behaviour from im former partner who claim say he "intentionally" infect her with STD for Dallas.

Her lawyer, Lee Merritt, talk say di woman na victim of "unlawful restraint" for di 11-month relationship wit di R&B singer.

Im claim say Kelly, 51, attempt to make di woman a member of di 'sex cult' way dem accuse am say im dey run before.

Di Dallas Police Department say dem dey look into di mata.

Mr Merritt claim say im client be 19 years old wen she and Kelly start to do sexual relationship.

Kelly, wey di name wey im papa and mama give am na Robert Kelly, don sell ova 50 million albums but accuse upon accuse accuse don follow im career say e dey sleep with young girls.

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