Jollification of 50 years of ogbonge photography

Di Association of Photographers dey celebrate dia 50 years anniversary wit exhibition from some of di ogbonge photographers for di world.

Image copyright Rory Carnegie
Image example One-day-old white Rhino wey no too common im name na Alan, Rory Carnegie snap dis foto for 2013. Alan na di number four Rhino wey dem born for Cotswold Wildlife Park since dem open am for 1970.
Image copyright Barry Lategan
Image example Twiggy na di first supermodel for di world. Barry Lategan snap dis foto for 1966. E talk say "I look through my camera and dis face look me back and I just turn, face Leonard [di hairdresser] and I just say, 'Wow.'"

Di one wey dem dey call Portraiture, advertising campaigns, and foto wey dey show wars, famine and humanitarian disasters go dey among di kind of foto wey dem go display.

Image copyright Anderson & Low
Image example Jonathan Anderson and Edwin Low do collabo with di National Danish Gymnastic Team from 1998 to 2002 to snap different kind of foto dem with earth, air, fire and water as inspiration. Dis one na gymnast wey dey suspend for air.
Image copyright Jillian Edelstein
Image example Jillian Edelstein bin spend four years dey snap pipo for di South Africa truth and reconciliation hearing. She snap dis foto of Nelson Mandela for 1997 inside 10-minute sitting for presidential house.
Image copyright Adam Woolfitt
Image example Faroe Island pipo go drive whale go where water no deep den kill dem during Grindadrap. Adam Woolfitt foto, wey National Geographic print for 1966, cause wahala.

Di exhibition go show work from pipo like Nadav Kander, Duffy, Tim Flach, Tessa Traeger and John Claridge.

Image copyright PAul Wakefield
Image example Di Abraham Lake for Alberta Canada wey don freeze, as Paul Wakefield take snap am for 2011.
Image copyright Alan Brooking
Image example Di Pregnant Man wey Alan Brooking snap wey dem use for advertisement for 1970s by di Family Planning Association to remind men of di problem of belle wey dem no plan and encourage di use of contraceptive.

Ogbonge photographers for advertising and fashion form di Association for 1968.

Image copyright Tim Flach
Image example Monkey Eyes, wey Tim Flach snap for 2001, show di over sabi of monkey as im dey look inside di camera lens. Flach foto dem dey chook eye for di impact wey human being get on di natural world.
Image copyright Tessa Traeger
Image example Pipo know British photographer Tessa Traeger for her still life and food photography. Here, she use vegetables redo Monet Bridge Over A Pond Of Water Lilies painting,.
Image copyright Adam Hinton
Image example Adam Hinton snap prisoner wey get plenty tattoo for Centro Preventivo y de Cumplimiento de Penas Ciudad Barrio for 2013. Dis prison na for only members of di Mara Salvatrucha gang, one of di biggest for El Salvador. Di prison no get guards, na prisoners dey run everything.

Di exhibition go happen for One Canada Square, Canary Wharf, and e go dey open everyday from Monday 16 April to Friday 1 June 2018.

Image copyright Tom Murray
Image example Tom Murray na him be di youngest photographer to ever collect work to snap di Royal Family. For dis foto, e snap Princess Margaret, Lord Snowdon and dia children David and Sarah for 1969.
Image copyright Paul Wenham-Clarke
Image example Paul Wenham-Clarke im project, Our Human Condition, dey look di good and bad parts of how we be being human, and e dey chook eye for di relationship between children of di same papa and mama where one or more of dem get genetic condition. him snap Hattie and Charlotte for 2017.

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