Why cockroach na big business for China

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Image example Enough protein dey inside cockroach milk

Cockroach na insect wey pipo no dey like to see around dem dormot, but pipo for China dey chop am like say tomorrow no dey.

For many years, pipo for China dey fry cockroach, chop am. Even some Asian kontri dey chop am too.

Plenty company dey train cockroach for China, some of dem dey use am dey do medicine, some dey use am produce protein wey dem dey use feed dem animal.

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Image example Cockroach get milk wey better pass milk wey pipo dey drink

Why Cockroach na big business for China?

One company wey dey train about six billion cockroach for one year to use am do medicine.

Di company dey for Xichang, south west China and e dey make pass 600 million dollar a year.

Dem dey use am produce drug wey fit cure stomach upset and to treat patients wey get breathing and belle disease.

For China, dem dey give small pikin cockroach and garlic to treat fever.

Even some pipo no even know say na cockroach companies dey use make drug dem dey take.

Some scientists talk say protein wey dey inside cockroach beta pass di one wey dey inside milk four times.

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