#MeToo: Court say Bill Cosby dey guilty for sexual assault

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Court for US say comedian Bill Cosby dey guilty of three counts of sexual assault, wey fit put am for jail for up to 30 years.

Di 80-year-old actor, dey trial sake of say im drug and assault former basketball player Andrea Constand for 2004.

Cosby, wey be first major black actor ontop primetime TV, dey free on bail till when dem sentence am proper, di judge bin rule.

Cosby para well-well when verdict comot, as prosecutors argue say dem for no give am bail.

Di prosecutor say because im be "pesin wey get money yanfun-yanfun", e fit enta private plane run comot.

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Image example Ms Constand (centre) never comot statement ontop di new verdict

"I no get plane," Cosby shout reply give prosecutor, before im begin to dey abuse am.

"We dey so happy say finally pipo believe women, and not only for #MeToo but for court of law, lawyer Gloria Allred bin talk.

Na between 60 to 90 days from today na im dem go sentence Cosby and even though each of di three offence carry maximum of 10 years jail time, na like 5 years im go get.

Dis na because of Cosby age, bad health (e dey blind) and say im never offend before.

Di case against Cosby na one of di first celebrity assault case wey dem do since start of di #MeToo movement, wey dey draw pipo mind to alleged sexual bad behaviours from powerful pipo for society.

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