President Macron say thank you to di 'delicious wife' of Australia Prime Minister

Macron and Lucy Turnbull Image copyright Getty Images
Image example Macron and Lucy Hughes Turnbull

France President surprise pipo for im visit to Australia wen im dey hail Lucy Hughes Turnbull, wey be di wife di Australia Prime Minister.

Di France presido dey visit di kontri to discuss big big tins like climate change and defence.

Macron talk say, ''I wan thank you and your delicious wife for evri evri during our ogbonge trip to Australia unto say evri tin dey on point''.

Tori pipo wey dey di press conference dey scratch dia head sake of say dem no sure weda na mistake dem hear or na insult wey comot for Macron mouth.

But wen dem check, dem see say na true o, Macron use ''delicious''.

Dis tori get part two unto say for France, délicieux, wey be di French version of delicious, fit mean somtin wey sweet.

But délicieux pesin fit mean correct pesin or pesin wey dey.

So wetin Macron talk no bad but for kontri wey no dey speak French, di meaning fit cause small tooth pain.

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Image example America show Macron plenti love wen im visit di kontri last week

France Presido Emmanuel Macron dey speak ten-ova-ten English, just last week for US, im use English blow lawmakers sotay dem give am standing ovation.

So dis kain mistake no be somtin im dey do evri time.

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