Cambridge Analytica say dem no dey do again

Facebook say dem go continue dia investigate wit relevant authorities on Cambridge Analytica Image copyright Getty Images

UK marketing analytics firm, Cambridge Analytica wey dey di centre of Facebook data wahala, on Wednesday announce say dem dey "sharperly match break for all dia operations" inside United States and Britain.

Di company wey dem sama accuse say dem use mago-mago carry plenty pipo Facebook information talk say dem "don see say dem no fit continue di business."

According to Facebook, information of up to 87 million users na im dem carry give politicians for different kontri.

Di social network say dia own investigation into di mata go continue.

"Dis no go change our commitment and our will to understand wetin happen and make sure say e no happen again," na wetin dia talk-talk pesin talk.

"We go continue wit our investigate togeda wit di relevant authorities."

Later on Thursday, Information Commissioner's Office (ICO) say even though Cambridge Analytica don match break, dem no go stop to torchlight how di comapny handle millions of pipo data.

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