Boy wey dey life support wake up as doctor wan off di machine

Trenton tell tori pipo say e no get any oda explanation on top how e take still dey alive, na just God Image copyright JENNIFER REINDL/FACEBOOK
Image example Trenton tell tori pipo say e no get any oda explanation on top how e take still dey alive, na just God

One 13-year-old boy for Alabama United States of America, come back to life just afta im papa and mama sign paper to donate im organs.

Di small boy wey im name na -Trenton McKinley get serious brain damage afta im fall comot from car trailer wey tumble and nak im head.

Doctors tell Trenton mama and papa say e no fit recover and im organs na match for five children wey need transplants.

A day before doctor wan off im life support, Trenton show signs of pesin wey dey alive.

According to im mama -Jennifer Reindl, Trenton don do plenti brain operation wey dem for even open im skull. E don suffer kidney failure and cardiac arrest.

For one time, madam Reindl talk say, Trenton die on top table for 15 minutes, den doctors tell her say e no go fit dey "normal again" and even if im survive, e go be "vegetable".

Di mama tell CBS tori ppo say she agree to sign di organ donation paper wen she hear say her pikin organs fit save five oda children.

"We say yes, dat also go make dem to continue to keep Trenton alive to clean im organs for di donation."

"Di next day, dem don plan make e do im final brain wave test to call im time of death, but im vitals ( brain, heart, liver, lungs, and stomach) charge so dem cancel di test."

Image example Doctors bin wan off di life support machine wey Trenton McKinley dey before im come back to life

Right now, Trenton dey go through slow recovery process.

E say : "My head hit konkri ground, and di trailer land on top of my head. Afta dat, I no come remember anytin."

Trenton still dey get nerve pain and seizures, and go need operation to reconnect half of im skull.

Di mama talk say wetin happen to im pikin na miracle: "Now Trenton dey waka and talk, even read and do im maths."

Trenton imself tell WALA TV say e tink say im don already dey for heaven during those time e dey unconscious: "I dey for open field dey waka straight."

"E no get any oda explanation but God."

Di family don arrange fundraiser for Facebook to help dem with money for di medical treatment.

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