Anglican Church don get first woman Bishop for London and Canada

Sarah Mullally, Bishop of London Image copyright PA
Image example Di new Bishop of London, Sarah Mullally, become priest for 2006

Right Reverend Dame Sarah Mullally wey be former nurse don become di first woman Bishop of London.

Di ordination of di 56-year-old woman happen on Sunday for St Paul's Cathedral for London.

Na December dem elect her to become di number 133 Bishop of London and for 2014 na im Church of England make law to allow woman become bishop.

She dey take over from Dr Richard Chartres wey retire for February 2017.

As dat one dey happen, plan don finish for America to make Melissa Skelton di archbishop of di Anglican Church of Canada for di first time.

She go get di title Archbishop and Metropolitan of di Ecclesiastical Province of B.C. and Yukon.

But dem dey on dia own?

Global Anglican Future Conference (GAFCON) wey be di oda group of Anglican churches all around di world wey no dey talk to Church of England go meet dis May.

But as tins dey, dis movement wey include Church of Nigeria no go support wetin don happen for London to get woman Bishop, wen dem meet for Jerusalem dis week for dia 2018 conference.

"Dem dey on dia own", na wetin BBC News Pidgin find out from one pesin for Church of Nigeria.

Image copyright PA
Image example Bishop Sarah Mullally before before na nurse

Bishop Mullally now na di number three most senior pesin for Church of England, and before before she be Bishop of Crediton in Devon and di Canon Treasurer for Salisbury Cathedral.

She perform di tradition to nock three times for di Cathedral Great West door with her pastoral staff for di ceremony on Sunday.

For her sermon she say: "We need to speak up for di whole London, to work to confront di killi-killi and di crime wey dey make mama to clean dia own pikin blood from our pavements.

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