India police comot 106 capsules of cocaine from woman belle

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India police say dem comot 106 capsules of cocaine from one woman wey dem say dey try carry di drugs enta dia kontri.

Police say dem arrest di 25-year-old wey no from India for di international airport for dia capital Delhi for 14 May.

Dem say she spend last week for hospital wia dem give her medicine wey go help her recover from di cocaine.

Di drugs wey she carry fit reach 50 million rupees ($734,000; £547,000).

Police believe say di woman swallow di capsules dem for Sau Paulo, Brazil, and dem give her instruction to deliver am to one Nigerian wey dey live for Delhi.

Officials from di narcotics department tell Hindustan Times newspaper say dis na "di highest number of capsules of cocaine" dem don ever comot from one pesin.

Dem say wetin dem seize na high quality cocaine from Colombia.

Police dey find di Nigerian wey she suppose give di drugs.