Thailand cave rescue: Dem don find boys wey trap inside cave for nine days

Di boys and dem coach Image copyright Facebook/Ekatol
Image example Dis picture no get all di bouys wey dey di cave but e get di coach

Divers don find twelve boys and dia football coach wey miss for cave for Thailand afta dem trap for nine days inside.

Di mata now na how dem go take remove dem safely even as water and mud dey block make dem reach di boys.

Dia families and coach hapi wella afta dem hear say dem don find dem.

Image copyright AFP
Image example Dia family don dey tanda near di mouth of di caves since di pikin dem miss

According to video wey Thai Navy SEAL post for Facebook, di boys dey safe and hunger dey sama dem for wia dem dey.

Thailand bin bring di British diver dem wey sight dem early last week.

Di mata don capture di heart of Thailand afta dem trap for inside cave for 23 June as dem dey hide from rain.

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