Thai cave rescue: Di boys plus dia coach come out kamkpe

Some of di boys wey dem just rescue from cave under wata. Image copyright Getty Images

17 days afta dem bin dey trap for underground, Thai Navy Seal team rescue di 12 boys and dia coach and all of dem dey kamkpe.

Di plenti suffer and wahala wey bin follow dia rescue mission make di whole world tanda dey worri wheda di boys go come out safe.

Dem bin rescue di first group of boys on Sunday, but na on Tuesday dem save di remainder.

Di 12 boys wey dey between 11 and 17 years be members of Wild Boar football team. Dem plus dia couch bin dey trap for inside cave for di past two weeks.

Di Seals post for Facebook: "12 wild boars and coach out of di cave. Everyone safe."

Di extraordinary and tough rescue mission wey make di whole world wonder, end as dem don bring out everibodi from underground.

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