Donald Trump former driver don carry am go court say im no pay am for over time

Trump organizationtok-tok pesin say dem pay di driver wella according to di law Image copyright Getty Images
Image example Trump organization say dem pay di driver wella according to di law

Donald Trump former personal driver don cari di president family business go court say dem no pay am im overtime money according to court papers wey im file for New York.

Noel Cintron, wey work as Trump personal driver for more dan 25 years, say di company dey owe am 3,300 hours of overtime time work money without pay for di last six years wey im work with dem.

Cintron also claim say na only two times dem increase im salary for 15 years wey im work with dem from $62,700 for 2003 to $68,000 for 2006, and then to $75,000 for 2010.

Larry Hutcher, one of Cintron lawyer say "Trump lack of respect for di right of workers don show im poor record for business".

But tok tok pesin for Trump Organization say dem pay Cintron well according to di law. Im say once di facts come out im expect say court go clear dia name.

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