Cave rescue: Di divers wey comot di Thai boys from cave

A group of foreign divers and US soldiers, wearing light colored shirts, gather at the Tham Luang cave area as rescue operations continue for the 12 boys and their coach trapped at the cave in Khun Nam Nang Non Forest Park in the Mae Sai district of Chiang Rai province on July 6, 2018 Image copyright AFP/Getty
Image example Foreign divers, including Ivan Karadzic (2nd left) and Erik Brown (3rd right), na part of di rescue operations

Di pipo wey rescue di Thailand football team wey bin trap for cave na international divers wey collabo with Thai navy Seals.

Na British divers first see di 12 boys, but e be like di world join hand to comot dem from di cave.

Information no too plenti about those wey exactly dey involved because most of dem no wan tok.

Tori be say na many divers - Thai and foreign - join hand do am. Here na some of dem:

John Volanthen and Richard Stanton

Briton John Volanthen voice na di first di boys and dia coach hear afta nine days wey dem trap underground.

Im and fellow British diver Stanton na pipo wey Thai authorities first call, along with anoda British caving expert, Robert Harper.

Dem enta Thailand three days afta di football team miss.

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Di moment divers discover di missing boys

Oga Volanthen na IT consultant, and oga Stanton, wey be former firefighter, na part of di South and Mid Wales Cave Rescue Team wey don do rescue operations, including for Norway, France and Mexico.

Richard Harris

Dr Harris, wey from Adelaide for Australia, get plenti diving experience. Na im first check di boys for di cave come give green light say make di rescue operation go ahead.

If to say di boys bin too weak, to rescue dem by diving for dey too dangerous.

According to tori, Dr Harris don take part for cave diving for Australia, China, the Christmas Islands and New Zealand.

Thai Navy Seals

Image copyright Facebook/Thai Navy Seals
Image example Di last pipo to leave di Tham Luang caves na three divers and one medic - all Thai Navy Seals

Many Thai special forces na part of di rescue efforts. One na doctor - wey dem identify as Pak Loharnshoon - and three divers wey dem neva name wey choose to stay with di boys afta dem find dem underground one week ago.

Four Thai Navy Seals na dem be di last to leave di cave one Tuesday evening and na Rear Admiral Arpakorn Yuukongkaew lead dem.

Image example Rear Adm Arphakorn na im dey in charge of di Navy Seals during dia risky operation

Saman Gunan

Petty Officer Saman Gunan, wey dey 38 years, na retired Thai navy diver wey volunteer for di rescue efforts.

Im lose consciousness as im dey comot for Tham Luang cave, wia im deliver air tanks on 6 July.

Im dive partner try to revive am but im no fit and dem bring im bodi out of di cave.

Ben Reymenants

Belgian Ben Reymenants dey run dive shop for Phuket. Tori be say im dey group wey first find di boys on Monday.

Image copyright
Image example Ben Reymenants with govnor Narongsak Osotthanakorn and fellow diver Maksym Polejaka

Claus Rasmussen

Claus Rasmussen from Denmark and im don dey live for Thailand for years, wia im dey work with several different dive schools.

Im dey work as instructor for Ben Reymenants' company, Blue Label Diving.

Image copyright
Image example One picture Paasi post for Facebook, wey show Claus Rasmussen for di cave

Mikko Paasi

Finnish national Mikko Paasi na di founder of one diving centre for di small Thai island of Koh Tao, wia im specialise for technical diving.

Dat one mean say im dey focus on wreck and cave diving.

Image copyright
Image example Mikko Paasi na one of several divers wey follow comot di boys

Ivan Karadzic

Ivan Karadzic, wey from Denmark, move to Koh Tao few years afta oga Paasi, and now di two of dem dey run di diving centre togeda.

Afta oga Gunan die for di final rescue efforts, oga Karadzic write for im Facebook wall: "Rest in peace. You be hero and we no go ever forget your sacrifice."

Erik Brown

Dis man from Canada na technical diving instructor from Vancouver.

Im don dey dive tey-tey and follow set-up Team Blue Immersion, wey be technical diving school for Egypt.

On Tuesday night, im write for Facebook say im don do seven diving missions in nine days, wey amount to 63 hours inside di Tham Luang caves.

Image copyright
Image example Foto for Facebook. Erik Brown (l), Mikko Paasi (c) and Claus Rasmussen (r) dey celebrate as dem complete di rescue dives

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