2018 World Cup: You fit no need visa to enta Russia till end of 2018

Fan ID wey dem use for 2018 World Cup for Russia
Wetin we call dis foto,

Dis fit be di visa pesin need to enta Russia anyhow till di end of 2018

Russia go allow foreign football fans wey get Fan-ID wey be special identity card Russia do for di 2018 World Cup, to enta di kontri without visa till di end of 2018, local Russia tori say President Vladmir Putin tok.

Na afta di 2018 World Cup Final match finish, na im President Putin make dis announcement and e mean say di original plan for foreign football fans to leave Russia by 25 July - 10 days afta di competition end - go change.

"Now, foreign supporters wey don get fan IDs go fit get benefit of multiple entry without visa to di Russian Federation, until di end of di year," Russia tori pipo TASS bin report say Putin tok on Sunday.

Wetin dis mean for di Nigerians wey tori comot say don hook for Russia sake of ticket money wey no dey, be say hope dey for dia situation.

But e no dey clear weda dis new law go affect Nigerians and oda pipo wey don hook for di kontri now to get chance to stay till di end of 2018.

Wetin we call dis foto,

Fan ID wey be visa during di World Cup fit kontinue to dey work till end of di year

Fan ID na one special identity card wey Russia give evri football fan wey dey buy ticket to watch for di World Cup. Dis Fan ID go replace visa wey supporters need to enta di kontri.