Dr Bumbum: Popular Brazil plastic surgeon run afta patient die for e hand

Dr Denis Furtado
Wetin we call dis foto,

Dr Bumbum tok say e don do reach 8,000 surgery to enlarge bumbum

Police for Brazil dey find di popular plastic surgeon Dr Denis Furtado a.k.a "Dr Bumbum" as one woman die afta procedure wey she do for im house for Rio de Janeiro.

According to tori, di 46 years old mother of two Lilian Calixto begin sick immediately she collect di injections for her bumbum and her condition just dey worse dey go.

Wetin we call dis foto,

Lilian Calixto go Dr Furtado house to increase her bumbum

Na acrylic glass filler injection Dr Bumbum give di woman and di tin happun for e apartment for Barra de Tijuca.

Although Dr Furtado bin cari her go Barra D'Or hospital wen he see say di situation critical, she no survive am.

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'My breasts wan kill me'

Police wey don alreadi arrest di nurse wey get hand for di procedure as well as Dr Furtado babe, declare am wanted afta dem begin find am no see.

45 years old Dr Furtado na popular surgeon for Brazil wey dey appear well-well ontop TV, im followers for Instagram also pass 600,000.

Plenti before and afta picture full ontop 'Dr bumbum' Instagram page where e dey show off di bumbum of di women e don do surgery on.

Dr Bumbum na nickname wey dem give am because of di surgery wey e dey do, and e bin tok say e dey very proud of di name.

Di Regional Medical Council of di State of Rio de Janeiro (Cremerj) don tok say dem go chook eye inside di mata.