How Australia and oda kontris wan boost dia population

Whitsynday Islands, Australia. Image copyright Getty Images
Image example Australia population growth dey very slow

South Australia don ask Australia goment make dem begin send most of di migrants wey dey enta di kontri come dia state.

On Wednesday 18 July, Steven Marshall wey be di Premier of South Australia State tok say if federal goment make im state di number one choice for migrants, e go help increase di state population wey get di slowest population growth for di kontri since 2012.

As e be so, Australia population dey around 24 million and some states get population pass odas.

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But no be only for Australia dem dey suffer dis low population. Some oda kontris dey wey most women no dey gree born pikin and dis na wetin dia goment dey do to increase dia population:


Most Russian women no dey too born pikin and di men get alcohol palava. Dis one don make di kontri population reduce sotay for 2007, Russia bin declare September 12 as official Day to carry belle. For dat day, goment give kontri pipo public holiday make dem get time to carry belle. Di women wey born exactly 9 months afta dat day wey be June 12 win freezer.


Singapore get di lowest fertility rate for di world with di rate of 0.81 pikins per woman. For 9 August 2012, di Singapore goment do National Night to ginger couples to carry belle. Evri year, di kontri dey spend almost $1.6 billion ontop programs wey go make pipo to dey nack more.

South Korea

Evri Wednesday of evri month for South Korea, offices dey close by 7pm. Dem dey call am Family Day. Fertility rate for di kontri na 1.25 pikins per woman. Goment dey dash money to families wey get more dan one pikin.


For Romania, couples wey no get pikin dey pay 20% by-force income tax. Dem do dis law for 1960 and to even divorce na war. Romania goment reason am say if you no dey produce future labourers for di kontri, den you go contribute with dollars instead. 1989 when leadership change for Romania, dem cancel di law.


Japan fertility rate don dey low since 1975. For 2010, to change as tins be, some students from di University of Tsukuba create robot pikin wey go make couples see wetin e be like to get dia own pikin.

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