Thai cave rescue boys tok about dia 'moment of miracle'

Wild boars Image copyright LILLIAN SUWANRUMPHA
Image example Di Widl Boars na di name of di football team

Di 12 boys and dia coach wey dem rescue from cave for northern Thailand last week don finally tok how dem suffer inside cave.

One of di boys describe dat time wey divers find dem as "Moment of Miracle".

Na on Wednesday di boys finally comot from hospital and later do press conference for Chiangi Rai. Dem wear dia football jersey come di press conference.

"I try make I no tink of food sake of say e go make me hungry, na only water no food"… na so di boys tell tori pipo.

Dem say dem bin wan spend only one hour inside di cave but wen dem wan come out, dem discover say flood don block dia way. Na im make all of dem decide to go deep into di cave sake of say dem think say anoda wey dey dia. But as dem dey go in, na so dem dey see more water evriwia and dem swim to pass di water.

"Di water high reach my shoulder, so odas follow me," na so Chanthawong wey be dia coach tok.

11 year old Chanin Wiboonrungrueng wey be di youngest boy among dem say "I feel weak and hungry, I drink plenty water to full my belle."

Dem dey smile and dey wave hand as dia pipo carri banner come welcome dem afta dem comot from hospital wia doctors check dia body to confam say dem dey healthy.

Di boys and dia coach wey be members of Wild Boars junior football team bin dey trap inside cave for more dan two weeks before rescuers save dem.

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