I admit say family member 'touch me' till I enta 14 - R. Kelly

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Image example R. Kelly don dey face sex accuse for past 20 years now

American singer R. Kelly release new 19 minute song on Monday wey im say e wan clear evribodi doubt.

Afta plenti sexual accuse wey don dey come im domot, R. Kelly don experience wetin e call di "rock bottom" of im career.

And on top of dat, e be like say di "I believe I can fly" star wan clear some doubt afta streaming sevice, Spotify start to dey hide im music on top di accuse.

Inside di nineteen minute song e release on top streaming site, soundcloud di singer tok about sex cult accuse wey go be new accuse wey im don get.

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Image example R. Kelly say im get beef because of di women im dey date

"How pipo go call me paedophile because I dey sleep with young women"

For March, R. Kelly receive new accuse say e bin dey train one fourteen year old girl make she be im pet.

Na im former girlfriend , Kitti Jones accuse am for BBC Three with oda accuse of 'sex dungeon' wey im bin dey run.

But e tok for im song say dem call am paedophile because im like to sleep wit young women wey dey crazy.

E also add say e no get sex cult or e no dey brainwash woman dem because na wetin dem dey ask am (wey e no fit tok for radio), na im e dey do.

E ask make pipo check wetin "Sex Cult" mean come tell am.

For di video, R. Kelly former producer bin tok say while plenti women bin dey im side, e bin no resemble as if im force dem to stay.

E come face all parents make dem no dey use dia pikin do sexual accuse to make moni.

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Image example R. Kelly bin get court case say im video imself wen im bin dey sleep with gril wey bin dey 13 years old

"I lose my virginity wen I bin dey sleep"

"I lose my virginity wen I bin dey sleep" na di most controversial tin wey e tok for di song.

According to am, e bin dey sexually molested by family member from wen im be small pikin till e turn 14.

E bin dey sleep wen pesin come take im virginity, na wetin R. Kelly tok.

But pipo for social media dey see am as excuse for wetin e don do.

"I admit say I no dey go church"

Anoda shock from di man wey sing "Storm is over", "The World's Greatest", "You Saved Me" and "Sign of a Victory".

Dis na even as e follow sing about bible verses (No weapon formed against me shall prosper) for di song and how only God fit mute am (as per di #MuteRKelly movement wey no want pipo to dey play im songs).

But for di beginning of di song e tok say e love God even thou di devil ey tempt am.

E tok say apart from dat one e don tey wey im see im pikin for years.

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Image example R. Kelly tok say none of di songs wey im write be im own

"I be broke Legend"

R. Kelly say sake of im learning disorder, dyslexia, im no fully understand im contract before im read am.

Di singer say dem tell am make im sell im cars and e no get house, say e dey stay for Homewood Suites.

Say e dey owe tax wey reach 20 million dollars and all dis dey happen because e no read im contract wella.

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