Beer wey get 'igbo' inside go soon land your domot

Wetin we call dis foto,

Di arguument for marijuana legalisation na world issue

One beer making compani don dey try to brew beer from cannabis alias igbo pant so e go fit stand in place of alcohol.

Di Canada compani wey dey make di beer with igbo say na afta dem finish to brew di beer dem go put marijuana oil for inside.

Na wetin one of di pipo for di company, Province Brands, Dooma Wendschuh tok.

Dis dey come as plenti companies for Canada dey push to bring out marijuana products before di kontri turn di second kontri for world wey go legalize marijuana for October 17.

Canada dey expect to legalize all di tins wey dem dey add marijuana forinside like honey or biscuit next year,

Dis law go make Canada di second kontri to legalize marijuana afta Uruguay.

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'Why I dey smoke igbo'