Mnagagwa no tink say Mugabe wan beta tin for Zimbabwe

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President Emmerson Mnangagwa of Zimbabwe wey go follow contest for Monday presidential election feel say na im be di change di kontri need.

Dis fresh word wey im tok drop for social media as im dey respond to di mata say Mugabe no dey support am.

"Now dat e dey clear to evribodi say Chamisa don join bodi wit Mugabe, we no go believe say im plan na to transform Zimbabwe...di choice dey clear. You go either vote former Mugabe unda cover of Chamisa or you vote for me..." na part of wetin Mnangagwa tok.

Early on Sunday, di kontri former president Robert Mugabe, tok say im no go vote for im successor Emmerson Mnangagwa for di presidential election.

"I no fit vote for di pipo wey do me strong tin… I go make my choice inside di oda 22 (candidates) but na long list."

"Dem sack me comot from di party wey I start, ZANU-PF," na wetin im tok. "Dem come dey see me like di enemy, but… how come dem come dey see me like nonentity, like pesin wey be opponent?"

President Mnangagwa, wey dey support Mugabe before for di ruling ZANU-PF party, get strong competition from opposition leader Nelson Chamisa of di Movement for Democratic Change (MDC).

"I no go eva believe say (Mnangagwa) go be di man wey go do me strong tin," na part of wetin Mugabe tok join.

Zimbabwe get 5.6 million registered voters, and di results of the presidential, parliamentary and local elections go comot by August 4.

Run-off vote go happen on September 8 if no presidential candidate win at least 50 percent for di first round.

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