Mexico plane crash: How 103 passengers take survive

Plane wey crash

Wia dis foto come from, AFP

Wetin we call dis foto,

Pipo wey dey for di plane tok say dem thank God say dem comot from di crash alive

Wan passenger plane don crash afta e take off from Guadalupe Victoria International Airport for Durango state, Mexico, but nobodi die for di crash.

All di 103 passengers wey dey inside di Aeroméxico flight survive, but 97 of dem wunjo.

Govnor for di state José Rosas Aispuro tok say na bad wind hit di plane wen e dey for air, di plane come begin dey go down. E use one wing land for ground before di two engine comot from di bodi.

Some of di passengers use dia leg waka comot from di plane as di plane fall for ground.

Fire burn di skin of one of di pilot and one oda person get serious injury, im go need do spine surgery. Dem carri 97 oda passengers go hospital for small small injury wey dem get.

'We go need to jump oooo'

Jacqueline Flores wey be passenger for di plane tell AFP tori pipo say "wen we dey for air, e be like say di plane wan balance, but next tin e land for ground".

"I comot my seatbelt come see smoke evriwia, na dat time I know say we go need to jump. E get one hole wey dey near us as di plane don brake, I tell my girl say we go need to jump from hia, na so we take jump," na so she tok.

Wia dis foto come from, Getty Images

Wetin we call dis foto,

Di plane take off from airport come crash for ground

One passenger tok say na lightening hit di plane.

Di airport operator Grupo Aeroportuario Centro Norte say di early data show say na bad weather cause di crash, say di plane take off during heavy hailstorm.