Doctor don comot teeth of 12 days old pikin

Small baby wey dey cry with one tooth inside im mouth. Image copyright JASMIN HEASMAN
Image example One in 2000 pikins dey carry teeth come world

Dentist for UK don comot di tooth of one 12 days old baby girl, Isla-Rose wey carry teeth come world wen dem born her.

Isla-Rae mama, Heasman tok say she no expect to cari her small pikin go dentist. "We just need to comot di tooth because e dey shake. She get mind pass me, she no really cry," she tok.

Di Seven Trees Dental Access Centre for UK say Isla-Rae na di youngest pikin dem don see wey get teeth. Most pikin dey begin get teeth from wen dem dey around 4-6 months and odas dey even reach 1 year sef.

Her mama, Heasman say she cry comot for di room as she no get mind to see her baby inside pain. She add say e dey strange now wey her baby no get teeth again.

According to di BDA, about one in 2000 pikins dey come world wit teeth but e no dey strong. Sabi pipo say di condition fit cause wahala with breast feeding, tongue ulcer and di teeth fit even enta di pikin lungs but dat na for extreme cases.

Image copyright JASMIN HEASMAN
Image example Di hospital put di tooth wey dem comot from di pikin mouth inside box

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