Company dey find pesin to dey chop chocolate for life

Bread wey get chocolate on top like butter Image copyright Getty Images
Image example Bread wey get chocolate on top like butter

One chocolate company don begin find pipo wey dem go employ, dey pay salary just to dey taste dia chocolate spread for dia factory.

Di work na for four hours evri week. Di pesin wey dem employ go go through three months training so dia tongue go sabi wetin chocolate spread dey taste like.

Na apart time work so di money no go too plenti and evri kind pesin fit get di job except if di pesin dey allergic to nuts because dem get hazelnut spread.

But press brake, if dis kain work don already start to sweet your belle, because e no too good for your health or teeth and even afta a few months, anytin wey resemble sugar fit dey makr you fell like vomit.

Oda Weird Jobs wey dey to get

Sex doll/toy Tester

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Meet di NIgerian woman wey dey sell sex toys

Sex mechanics no dey put product for market ountil e go through "rigorous" testing.

Na wetin make di work of di sex doll tester dey pay up to $45,000 per year from one UK company wey bin wan get pleasure from service.

For di sex toy tester, di salary wey dem dey pay pesin wey dey work as graduate software engineer at $36,000.

Pizza Tester

Na exactly as di name be, and for October 2017, dem bin dey find pesin for dat kain work.

But di work dey technical small pass di odas, because dis pesin suppose also need to dey create new recipes for pizza.

At di end of di day, di pesin wey get di job, Mike Southfield Cook, laminate im CV for Pizza Delivery box and deliver am with real pizza.

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