Scientists say goat dey prefer to stay wit pipo wey get happy face

goat Image copyright Yawar Nazir
Image example Dem do di study for one goat sanctuary inside UK

Scientists don find out say goats like stay wit humans wey get happy face.

Di result suggest say plenti animals fit read di mood of pipo than di way we tink before.

Di team show goats two foto of di same pesin, one wit angry face and di oda wit happy face.

Di researchers report for di journal Open Science say di goats wey dem use for di study just waka straight go for di foto wit happy faces.

Dis result show say no be only animals wey dey close to human being like dog and horse na im get di ability to sabi weda human dey happy or dey vex.

Animals wey human dey train to chop like goats, fit also know how pesin dey feel.

Na di Buttercups Sanctuary for Goats wey dey for Kent, UK na im do dis study.

Co-author Dr Alan McElligott, from Queen Mary, University of London and colleagues arrange black-and-white foto about 1.3 meters from each oda on top one wall for dia test area.

Den, dem go free di goat to waka go where di test area dey. Dem find out say di goats prefer di smiling faces, dem go first go where di happy face dey before even look di side of foto wey get vex-vex face.

Di goats also spend plenti time dey touch di smiling faces wit dia nose.

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