Na cigar dey cause Ocean pollution pass for world


Wia dis foto come from, Getty Images

Wetin we call dis foto,

Plastic dey for di filter of cigar

Di bottom part of cigarette don become wetin dey cause pollution pass for Oceans for dis world, pass plastic.

According to di Cigarette Butt Pollution Project, 5.5 trillion cigarette na im dem dey manufacture for di world everi year and e dey contain one plastic-based filter, wey dem use cellulose acetate make.

Those filters fit take many many years to rotten afta dem don troway di cigarette. As di plastics dey break down, animals fit chop di chemicals.

Scientists say dem don see wetin look like dis chemicals for about 70% of seabirds and about 30% of sea turtles.

Di World Health Organisation Framework Convention on Tobacco Control say as more and more kontris and cities dey as ban indoor smoking, e don increase di wahala of more cigar buttom for ocean.