Why Elon Musk dey shack gbana for web video

Elon Musk smoking a joint

Wia dis foto come from, YOUTUBE/POWERFULJRE

Wetin we call dis foto,

E be like say oga Musk gbadun di igbo wey podcast host give am for studio.

"Shebi e dey legal na?" Na wetin Elon Musk ask as e collect marijuana from comedian Joe Rogan for podcast, come do one heavy drag.

Di ogbonge tech oga, wey get Tesla and SpaceX, dey do interview wey dem video live for internet.

As di interview dey happun, na so di host bring di igbo give Mr Musk make im smoke.

Out of di 50 states wey dey United States, na offence to smoke gbana for 41 states but California, wia dem do di show, don make am legal.

Mr Musk dey tok about im life and business. Di two even nack whiskey join as oga Musk dey tell di host say pipo no suppose to dey judge oda pipo.

Last month Mr Musk tok say e no dey shack gbana afta pipo shock wen im announce say im wan privatise Tesla.

But e later change mind as many investors no too gbadun di idea.