Hurricane Florence: Na one of di worst storms eva - Trump don warn pipo

USS North Carolina battleship Image copyright Ken Thomas
Image example Di Word War Two battleship USS North Carolina, wey dem don turn to museum, tanda for Cape Fear River for Wilmington as Hurricane Florence dey blow dey come

United States President, Donald Trump, don sama warning give pipo for North and South Carolina USA say make dem prepare for Hurricane Florence.

Trump enta twitter to warn pipo say "dis na one of di worst storm wey go hit di east coast area for many years."

Di president don sign approval to declare emergency for Carolina.

US National Hurricane Center say di hurricane dey too dangerous and fit affect tins wey dey 40 miles from di centre of di wind.

Image copyright Getty Images
Image example Hurricane Florence fit land North and South Carolina on Thursday

Oga pata-pata for WCBD -TV for South Carolina Rob Fowler tell BBC say hurricane Florence fit affect pipo wey dey 100 miles away.

Tori be say di hurricane fit land for North Carolina on Thursday and e fit affect over one million pipo for dia.

Governors for di two states don give order make pipo wey dey live for di area evacuate sharp sharp.

University of North Carolina don also order make evri student follow evacuate. Oda schools for di area dey begin shutdown on Tuesday.

Image example Hurricane Florence fit affect one million pipo

Hurricane na violent wind wey dey rotate for center, e dey cari thunderstorm and flood wen e dey come and dey bring heavy rain.

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