Anoda woman don die afta 'Brazilian bum-bum' to add extra ikebe

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Image example Bum-bum wey dem wan do operation for to make am big well-well

Anoda British woman don die from "Brazilian butt lift" operation as fresh warnings dey ground about di risk wey dey involve.

British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (Baaps) tok say na di most dangerous cosmetic procedure to go through.

Na celebrities make dis surgery popular well-well.

Baaps warn say but many pipo dey put demsef for risk wit di cheap operation wey dem dey look for abroad.

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'One pesin dey die among 3,000 wey do'

Di Brazilian butt lift (BBL) na cosmetic procedure wey dem dey take fat from one part of di bodi and then inject am enta di bum-bum.

Baaps tell BBC Victoria Derbyshire programme say like one out of 3,000 pipo dey die worldwide because of oda problems wey go later happun afta di operation.

For August, 29-year-old Leah Cambridge die as im dey do BBL procedure for Turkey.

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'My breasts wan kill me'

Victoria Derbyshire programme find out say anoda second British woman wey dey her late 20s, also die dis year and investigation on top how she take die go happun within next year.

Gerard Lambe, wey be consultant plastic surgeon and Baaps member, explain say: "E gat di highest death rate of all procedures because of di risk of injecting fat enta di large veins wey dey di bum-bum, and di fat fit travel go di heart or brain."

'My bum begin dey leak'

One 23-year-old woman from Wales - wey no want make dem call her name - get permanent mark now for her bodi afta she go do BBL surgery inside Turkey for February.

Three months afta di operation, holes wit infection appear for her bum-bum.

"I no fit waka well for plenti days," she tok.

"Make I tok true ehn, wen di holes come out, e even dey beta as di fat begin leak come out, and dis na im make am dey possible for me to waka again."

She tok say her bum-bum dey leak for 3 months, "dey soak all my clothes".

She add say: "E dey smell well-well. I get to use bandage take wrap am up everi day.

"I just wish say I fit go back and change tins. I bin dey happy wit my bodi before. And now I pay mumu amount of money to look like dis."

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Image example Celebrities like Kim Kardashian na pipo dey look as di leader of dis trend

'Still in pain'

One second woman wey tok to BBC say she go Turkey for BBL surgery two years ago because "di cost dey cheaper pass UK own".

She only meet di surgeon for di first time 10 minutes before dem give am injection wey go make her no feel pain during di operation.

Few days later she get really high fever, but wen she try to tok to di surgeon and nurses she say dem stop to dey reply her emails and text message.

Image example Dis woman tell BBC say she still dey in pain two years afta her BBL

Dem admit her for hospital inside UK, and she get to take one month off from work.

Na two years now, di woman say she still get pain from di surgery.

Ms Palmer-Hughes tok say more than half of her customer don do surgery for Turkey, anoda place wey dem dey always go too na Hungary, Belgium and Spain.

She add say di women dey sign one paper wey dem neva even read wit di terms and conditions wey say any bad comments wen dem make online or for social media go lead to land dem for court.

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