I don kill like 20 pipo - Husband and wife wey dem see deadi bodi for dia fridge

Missing pesin poster for Nancy Huitron Image copyright EDOMEX Prosecutor's Office
Image example Nancy Huitron disappear with her baby Valentina on 6 September

Police for Mexico dey investigate one couple wey carri human body parts for baby stroller say dem fit don kill up to 10 pipo.

Tory be say di man confess afta dem arrest am say im don kill 20 women for Mexico City.

Na State of Mexico Prosecutor, Alejandro Gomez, tok am and e post video for Facebook afta dem arrest di husband and wife.

Investigators find body parts for inside buckets fridged for di couple house and for anoda house nearby.

Lawyers say dem no know who di couple dey sell di body parts to.

Kill-kill of women dey common for Mexico and atimes, notin dey happun to dipipo wey dey do dis kain bad tin.

But dis particular case really touch pipo wey make dem protest for Ecatepec, one poor area for Mexico state wia di tin happun.

Victim baby wey dem sell

Neighbours say na di same baby stroller wey police see di body parts na im dem dey see di couple dey push upandan for area.

Police catch dem afta 28-year-old Nancy Huitron and her two-month old pikin, Valentina, disappear for September.

For di hearing, Juan Carlos, confess say im kill Ms Huitron and identify im oda two victims as 23-year-old Arlet Olguín and 29-year-old Evelyn Rojas.

Di lawyers say im confess say im sexually abuse some of im victims before e kill dem come sell dia property and some of dia body parts.

Di three victims dem na single mothers, wey disappear just like dat recently.

Another thing we de for inside dis tori