Pregnancy gap suppose reach at least one year before woman carri anoda belle - Research

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Small gap between pregnancy fit cause problem for both mama and pikin

One new study say make mama dem wait at least one year afta dem born before dem get belle again to reduce health wahala for dem and dia pikin.

But sabi pipo say dem no need wait for 18 months wey be di current standard wey World Health Organization suggest.

Small gap between pregnancy dey cause premature births, smaller babies and pikin and mama death.

Sabi pipo hope say dis new findings go "give" older women hope.

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"Older mama dem for di first time don get beta evidence wey go help dem space dia pikin dem," na wetin she tok.

"To achieve di one year spacing dey possible for many women and e worth am to reduce complications."

Di study na of nearly 150,000 births for Canada by University of British Columbia (UBC) and Harvard TH Chan School of Public Health wey publish am for JAMA Internal Medicine.

Di study show say 12-to-18 months na di right time between wen woman born pikin and wen she get belle again.

Current World Health Organization guideline na 24 months or nothing less dan 18 months.

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Di research also find out say

  • For woman to get belle again less dan 12 months afta she born dey risky for both young and old women
  • Women wey don pass 35 years wey get belle six months afta dem born get 1.2% risk of maternal mortality or harm (12 cases per 1,000 pregnancies)
  • To wait 18 months between pregnancy dey reduce di risk to 0.5% (five cases per 1,000)
  • Younger women wey get belle six months afta get 8.5% risk of premature labour
  • E drop to 3.7% if if dem wait 18 months between pregnancy

Di study lead author, Laura Schummers say: "Our study find high risk for mama and pikin wen spacing for pregnancy dey close, including women wey old pass 35."

Di study chook eye for one population of women - for Canada - so e no dey clear how e go be worldwide.