Penis size: Why some men dey use injection to make dia own big

  • By Rick Kelsey
  • Reporter, Victoria Derbyshire programme

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Penis fillers, wey dem design to make man organ big, don dey popular - even though say sabi pipo dey warn say e no good. Two men don tell BBC why dem no dey shame to use am.

Abdul Hasan, 27, na regular customer for penis fillers. Dis time im dey do di procedure as surprise present for im girlfriend.

Im don dey wit her for eight years, but say e still dey enta im mind weda im fit satisfy her for bed.

Last time im use filler, she dey surprised "100%", im tell di Victoria Derbyshire programme.

"I come tink say, 'one more no go bad'.

"E make me happy wella," im add.

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Di effects of di penis filler dey last for about 18 months

Penis filler na liquid - usually hyaluronic acid - wey dem dey inject inside di soft tissue under di skin of di shaft.

No be surgery dem dey use do am and dem fit do am within hours for specialist clinic. E cost around £3,000 every time.

E go fit increase man penis strength, usually by one or two centimetres for size - depending on di amount wey dem inject - and e go last for around 18 months.

But di tin be say treatments like fillers get regulation.

Oga Asif Muneer, from di British Association of Urological Surgeons, say im go "discourage" pipo make dem use fillers.

"All these procedures no benefit how penis go long reach wen e stand - so e no go improve anytin for bed.

"To make mata worse sef, if tins go bad wen dem dey do di surgery, e fit affect how man go take perform for bed".

Oga Muneer believe say many pipo wey dey do di procedures get issues wit how dia bodi dey, as dem dey see celebrities and influencers wey dey promote dia cosmetic surgery online.

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Oga Asif Muneer

Two of di largest cosmetic surgery groups for male sexual health for UK tell BBC Victoria Derbyshire programme say dem don see large increase for enquiries for penis fillers.

Moorgate Aesthetics and Androfill say dem get around 700 enquiries everi month each, compared to fewer than 10 a month, three years ago.

Di tori about big penis

One 2015 study by King's College London and di NHS for UK torchlight penis length and strength of more than 15,000 men worldwide.

Wetin dem find out be say on average, di length na 5.1 inches (13 cm) wen e stand.

Only 5% long pass 6.3 inches, while just 0.14% get wetin dem dey call micro penis - wey dem define as less than three inches wen e stand.

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