Why Google staff dey provoke

Google logo on top building

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Staff for internet company all ova di world don ready to vex leave wetin dem dey do to protest against di way dem dey treat women.

Di staff say dem want make Google change di way dem dey handle sexual allegation wey dey di company so some pipo go fit sue.

Dis kain vex dey come afta Google pay one senior executive, Andy Rubin, $90m wey resign afta sombodi accuse am of sexual misconduct.

E don deny di accuse tey-tey.

Google chief executive, Sundar Pichai, say e support di vex wey workers dey vex.

"I support di vex and disappointment wey many of you dey feel." Na so e write for email wey im send to all di workers dem.

"I dey feel am too, and I ready to move forward on dis mata wey don dey ground tey-tey for we society and yes, for Google too."

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Google Station: VP Yemi Osinbajo dey hope make correct internet dey inside market

Anoda executive, Richard DeVaul, resign on Tuesday afta tori comot say e toast woman come do interview and wey im suppose be her oga for work.

Mr Devaul neva tok since e resign but e don tok say wetin im do 'na mistake'.

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Each walkout is due to take place at 1100 local time, and the first was at Google’s Singapore office

E reach 48 pipo wey don chop sack sake of sexual harassment mata and even shingba dem no collect.

Wia dis foto come from, Walkout organisers

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Staff wey wan join di protest go put dis leaflet on top dia desk

For di protest wey dey happun on Thursday, staff go write for dia desk say "I no dey my desk because I dey waka comot wit oda Googlers and contractors to protest sexual harassment, misconduct, lack of transparency, and workplace culture wey no dey work for evri one."

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