Stan Lee: 3 tins you suppose know about di fada of Marvel

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American writer and comic book legend, Stan Lee, don die for Los Angeles at di age of 95.

Di American writer don dey suffer from some medical condition like pneumonia as e dey old.

If you be comic superhero fan or you dey follow feem like Black Panther, you fit beat your chest say you sabi wetin you suppose about di man wey build di Marvel Cinematic Universe?

1. Original name na Stan Lieberman

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Image example 'Lee' na di name e give imself to protest wetin e dey write

Wen Stan bin start to dey write for im relative company at di age of 18, e bin no dey do di tori wey im like.

E say na wetin pipo want na im e dey write and di characters na either good pesin or bad pesin.

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Karmzah, superhero wey her powers dey her crutches

Di tin vex am sotay e no even make dem dey put im name inside again.

Na so e come up with di name Lee wey e tok say na dumb name for wetin e bin dey write.

But later e come like di name enough to make am legal.

2. Stan Lee na di king of waka-pass

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Image example Stan Lee join plenti pipo create im Marvel characters and follow give di artists accolades for dem work

No mata di movie, if any Marvel character dey inside e sure say you go see Stan Lee for one waka-pass.

For Black Panther, e show as one playboy grandpa for di Casino fight scene, for Avengers Infinity War, e act as driver wey dey drive school bus Spiderman dey inside.

And tori be say for di next Avengers movie wey fit to drop nex year, im cameo appearance don ready already.

3. Na im wife Joan Lee help im ministry?

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Stan Lee don dey write comic book since 18-years-old so wen reach 40-years-old, e say e no dey do again.

Na im wife Joan Lee ginger am say make e stay for di business.

E no too tey afta dat wey e create di Fantastic Four. Na so di Marvel universe start.

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