Thanksgiving day: Why Americans dey like to kill tolotolo for celebration?

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Image example Turkey na popular meat wey dem dey chop for Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving na holiday wey Americans dey celebrate every year for di fourth Thursday for November.

Many pipo dey use di day to celebrate all di good things for life and spend time with dia family members.

Dis period dey mark di beginning of Christmas holiday season.

Why Americans dey kill Turkey for Thanksgiving day

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Dis na one of those kweshuns nobodi get di ansa to!

For olden days one Pilgrim wey dem call Edward Winslow write letter about di popular turkey food wia im mention turkey hunt before dinner.

Some pipo tok say as wild turkey full ground wen native Americans come di area, e make sense for dem to choose am as dia food. As e be today so, na USA get turkey pass for di world.

Presidential pardon

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Image example President Trump And First Lady Melania for di National Thanksgiving Turkey Pardoning Ceremony

Pipo dey eat turkey well-well for Thanksgiving for America pass Christmas and di number of turkey wey dem dey chop for di kontri every year fit reach 50 million.

Every year di president dey save at least one turkey, from oven.

Di public go present di commander-in-chief with two turkey before Thanksgiving and na di president go save at least one of dem.

Dis tradition don dey go on now since 1948.

How Thanksgiving take start?

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Image example Thanksgiving dinner for 1935

Thanksgiving Day start when Europeans travel go America to start new life.

For 1621 one group of Europeans, wey dem call 'Pilgrims', invite di local Native Americans for party.

Before now di Pilgrims bin get wahala with farming for many years. Di Native Americans teach di Pilgrims how to farm, and to thank dem, di Pilgrims invite dem for big party.

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