BBC 100 women 2018: Di women dem kill for world in one day

E reach 137 women for world wey na partner or family member dey kill dem everyday.

Dis na according to new report wey di United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) release.

Dem tok say dis one make "di home di place wia pesin fit kill woman pass".

Tori be say more dan half of di 87,000 pipo wey die, na di pesin wey close to dem kill dem.

For di number wey dey die, 30,000 na dia partner dey kill dem and almost 20,000 dey die for family member hand.

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Male Kill-kill munbers still high pass

Di data wey di UNODC show say "men dey die four times pass woman on top kill-kill mata".

Di report say for everi ten pipo wey pesin kill for world, men dey eight of di number.

But di same report tok say eight of ten pipo wey na dis sexual partner kill dem na women.

BBC 100 Women bin wan find more about who di women behind di numbers dem be. We spend October dey monitor tori wey get kill-kill of women for di first day of di month. We go tok some of dia tori dem for hia and look how dem take report di tori dem.

Here na five of di cases, wey na local media first report dis tori dem wey local authorities wey di BBC tok to.

Judith Chesang Image copyright Family handout

Judith Chesang, 22, Kenya

For Monday 1 October, Judith Chesang and her sister Nancy bin dey work for dia farm.

Judith, wey get three pikin, bin no dey with her husband, Laban Kamuren, again and dey stay for her parents village for di north of di kontri.

As di two sisters dey work na im e just enta di farm kill Judith.

Local police tok say villagers don kill am troway since.

Neha Chaudhary Image copyright Manohar Shewale

Neha Sharad Chaudury, 18, India

Neha Sharad Chaudury die for wetin authorities tink say na "honour" killing for her 18th birthday afta she celebrate am with her boyfriend wey her parents bin no like, according to police.

Dem don arrest her parents plus anoda male relative say dem kill am for house dat evening and dem still dey wait court time.

But dia lawyer tok say dem go deny di accuse.

Plenti pipo dey die evri year on top dis, as dem dey call am honour killing, but di numbers no too clear as dem no dey too report am.

Zeinab Sekaanvand Image copyright Private via Amnesty International

Zeinab Sekaanvan, 24, Iran

Zeinab Sekaanvan bin die afta di Iranian authorities say she kill her husband.

Zeinab bin run away as teenager because she wan marry so she go get beta life.

Amnesty International tok say her husband bin dey beat am and refuse to divorce am and police no listen to her complains.

Dem also tok say authority beat and torture am to confess and no give am fair trial.

Di UNDOC report tok say women wey kill sexual partners na because e don tay wey dem dey face abuse.

Sandra Lucia Hammer Moura Image copyright Reproduction / Facebook

Sandra Lucia Hammer Moura, 39, Brazil

Sandra Lucia Hammer Moura marry Augusto Aguiar Ribeiro wen she be sixteen years.

Di couple bin separate for five months before e kill am.

Police for Jardim Taquari tell BBC Brasil say dem stab am for neck.

Dem find video wey e tok say Sandra bin already dey date anoda man and dat one bite im bodi, but e hang imself before police go fit catch am say im and Sandra go see "di Glory of God" togeda.

Dis one na wetin dem day call murder-suicide wen pesin kill anoda pesin then kill dia self.

Marie-Amélie Vaillat Image copyright PHOTOPQR/LE PROGRES/Photo Jean-Pierre BALFIN

Marie-Amélie Vaillat, 36, France

Na he husband, Sébastien Vaillat stab kill Marie-Amélie wen dem separate afta four years of marriage.

Im tell police say e use knife attack am dem few days later kill imself for prison.

She die di day wey French goment bin dey announce dia new plan to handle domestic violence.

Plenti pipo gada drop flower for wia Marie-Amélie bin get underwear shop and even organise march for am. Image copyright PHOTOPQR/LE PROGRES/Photo Jean-Pierre BALFIN
Image example Plenti pipo gada drop flower for wia Marie-Amélie bin get underwear shop and even organise march for am.
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Wetin dey happun before pesin report women kill-kill?

To get all di tori dem wey we tell you, BBC Monitoring tori pipo look tori from all media dey find women wey die on top kill-kill because say dem be woman for October 1, 2018.

Dem find forty seven cases wey happun for dat day for world. Some cases dey wey police no know who kill dem or why.

Di UNDOC report tok say plenti of di violence against women cases no dey reach authorities dem ears as dem dey hide am.

Rebecca Skippage wey lead di project for BBC Monitoring tok say "di way tori pipo dey report dis kill-kill show how dem dey look women for dia area."

She tok say di way tori pipo just dey chill on di tori report wey dem no dey get plenti informate, dey tell di tori of how life for women for those region be.

Maryam Azwer wey gada di final data for BBC Monitoring tok say wetin di numbers show tell dem more about di pipo wey die go like dat without police report as much as e tok about di ones wey police know.

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Help and advice

Organizations dey for world wey dey torch light pipo wey dey risk of violence and abuse. If you feel like you dey danger, find di joinbodi wey fit help you.

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