Super-gonorrhoea for UK dey make doctors mind cut

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Two women wey dey UK don get super-gonorrhoea and di thing dey worry doctors wey dey do sexual health.

Dem don cure di women of di infection wey no gree comot wit di main therapy.

E be like say one of di women carry am from Mainland Europe. Di oda one get her own from di UK but di case sef also get connection to Europe.

Dr Nick Phin, from Public Health England, tok say e no be good thing say super-gonorrhoea dey circulate for di UK.

Nothing connect di two women even dem no get di same sexual partners.

Wetin be gonorrhoea?


Na bacterium Neisseria gonorrhoeae dey cause di disease.

Na unprotected and oral sex dey spread di infection.

Di symptoms na thick green or yellow discharge from sexual organs, pain wen pesin dey piss and bleeding between periods.

Vaginal and rectal infection no get symptoms.

If dem no treat di infection, e fit lead to infertility, pelvic inflammatory disease wey pikin fit get through pregnancy.

Super-gonorrhoea don dey increase around di world with similar cases for Japan, Canada and Australia.

Dr Olwen Williams, wey be president of di British Association for Sexual Health and HIV tok say dem dey concern with di new developments.

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