New Year resolutions: How to take dey on track

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You wan begin dey exercise more? You wan begin chop more vegetables? Or you wan reduce di time you dey spend ontop social media? Many pipo dey use January as time to 'change' some kain things for dia life because, you know na, 'new year new me.'

Well, di thing be say no be everibodi dey fit keep to wetin dem promise demsef. At di end of 2017, 64% of pipo wey make New Year resolutions say dem fail to keep to am. Infact sef by 6 January, one in five pipo don make u-turn ontop di things dem say dem no go do again.

So why e dey so difficult? According to scientific research wey look why pipo dey find am hard to exercise even though e dey good for us, e be like pipo dey follow di 'law of di one wey no hard pass.' Wey mean say dem no just care.

So, wetin be di secret to follow your New Year resolution dis 2019? See wetin sabi pipo tok.

No rush

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Use January do research and plan for di kain changes wey you wan make. All dis wan na to lay foundation for how you go take do dem.

No forget to do things you enjoy

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Di truth be say you go likely do wetin you enjoy to do. E dey important to find fun as you make your resolutions. E fit hard wen you start, but you fit play your brain wayo to begin enjoy even some of di things wey you no fancy.

For example, if you wan begin eat more healthy food than chocolate, try some oda ingredients - put some nuts inside your salad and no fear to dey creative with di kain healthy foods you wan chop.

Learn from how you don fail before

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If you no change di way you dey do things, you fit end up with di same result. Check your resolutions before, wetin work? Wetin no work? Wetin you fit do anoda way?

Break am down

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Reduce your resolution into small small goals - each one suppose take few days to complete. Say you wan learn how to speak French, your first goal fit be to research wia dem dey do French lessons for your area. Give yourself short time, and wen you don do dat wan, book your first lesson. Dis small steps na di way to take achieve bigger dreams.

Do am again, and again

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E dey take time to form new habit - 66 days, according to study for University College London. Di researchers also find out say for action to become habit, e good to do am again for di same situation.

Change your mind

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You suppose think of your goal as something you dey get back - something you don loss and wan quick quick replace - rather than something new you dey start.

If your resolution na to read more books - think of am as say you dey claim back di times wen you no read, rather than new thing for your list.

Keep am on di low

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To tell pipo about your resolutions fit ginger you well well and make am look like say you owe dem to do am. But e no always dey positive, according to research wey Professor Peter Gollwitzer lead for New York University.

Professor Gollwitzer find out say those wey tell odas about things dem wan do go likely no do am because as dem tell odas, e make dem feel like say dem don already do am.

Dey kind to yourself

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If you no succeed, no break head. Check di things wey you don do, den clap for yoursef.

Maybe na only one book you read for di year, rather than di ten you bin want, maybe na only once a month you go gym wen you bin tok five days a week, e dey OK.

Na new habit you wan start, and e no dey easy.

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