Virginity: Wen be right age to lose am?

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One study don show say one of di biggest regrets for young pipo na say dem loose dia virginity too early.

Di research show say even at di age of 16 some pipo neva ready for di sex wey dem do.

E pass 50% percent of dia respondents wey don hloose dem virginity by di age of 17, according to study from British National Survey of Sexual Attitudes and Lifestyle wey do di resaerch.

Di study follow chook eye on weda na peer pressure bin cause di sex or weda dem bin drink, or weda dem even sabi or understand di risk inside.

Almost half of di women and 40% bin no dey ready for sex and plenti of dem face pressure to have sex.

Founder for di Natsal survey, Prof Kaye Wellings tok say di age of sexual consent no mean say pesin dey ready to have sex as pipo dey different.

Anoda sabi pesin wey follow do di study, Dr Melissa Palmer, tok say more women than men dey get pressure from dia partner for sex.

Palmer also tok say even as plenti pipo get correct protection wen dem first do di do but more need to dey ground so dat young pipo go get di protection dem need with sex education for school wey go make young pipo sabi wetin dem dey do for di sex mata.

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Wetin be di right time to loose virginity?

Di National Health Service get questions wey be say you go ask:

  • E feel right to do am?
  • I love di pesin you wan sleep with?
  • Di pesin love me back?
  • We don tok about protection like condom to prevent STI abi HIV? Di tok go well?
  • We get contraceptive to prevent belle?
  • Shebi I fit tok "no" any time and nothing go happun?

If your answers to di question for up na yes, you fit ready.

But you go come need answer dis oda questions dem, so dat e no go loss. If yes na di answer to dis one, beta hold bodi.

  • Your friends or your partner dey yab you to have sex?
  • After sex, you regret am?
  • Na your friends dey make you wan have sex? You wan form say you belong?
  • You wan sleep with your partner so e no go run?

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