Brexit latest: I dey confuse... wetin dey happun now?

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British Prime Minister Theresa May lose vote for lawmakers to support her Brexit deal on Tuesday by 432 votes to 202.

Dis vote result na im be di biggest goment defeat for di history of Britain.

Brexit latest: I dey confuse... wetin dey happun now?

I no tink say anybody know how Brexit go end and we we fit no dey too sure even by di end of next week.

But here na wetin we fit learn: first, na di extend wey member of parliament dey against Theresa May deal and second, na idea of weda she get anoda plan (Plan B).

Dis one no dey certain, because if as pipo dey expect, she come true-true loss di ogbonge vote on Tuesday, dis go mean say she get until di following Monday to let Members of Parliament know wetin she plan to do. Di option wey dey include to try her deal again, different deal, no deal, second referendum and to delay Brexit.

Remind me again... wetin dem dey vote for?

Theresa May deal involves two parts, one na Withdrawal agreement wey must obey di law concerning di terms for Britain to leave EU, and Political Declaration wey law no hold concerning di future relationship afta Brexit.

Many member of parliament wey support Brexit inside Mrs May Conservative Party feel say treaty go leave UK too close to di EU, while most of those Conservatives wey support Britain to Remain and all di opposition parties feel say di Declaration no dey clear.

Wetin dey like to happun?

BBC dey predict say Mrs May face di biggest defeat any goment don ever suffer in 100 years. Mrs May and her ministers need to exercise more pressure until di very last second to reduce di size of di defeat.

Wetin be Mrs May Plan B if she lose?

Even di closest pesin wey dey work wit her no know weda if she get any oda plan.

Both for public and private too, she stand on her ground say her plan na di best and only way to deliver concerning di referendum result witout any quanta to di economy.

But here na some suggestion as to wetin she fit do: return to di EU to try to make her deal dey very more attractive to Members of Parliament, challenge Members of Parliament to unite around anoda choice to her deal, threaten Member of Parliament wit no-deal Brexit or anoda referendum for her plan or ask Brussels for delay to di whole process.

Wetin dat quarrel wit di Speaker dey all about?

Di fact say Mrs May need to come up wit Plan B soon dey one side, di ogbonge quarrel dis week between John Bercow (di Speaker of di House of Commons) dey anoda side and di goment and member of parliament wey support Brexit dey anoda corner.

Evan s different accuse dey fly upanddan against di Speaker say im no dey fair for di mata of leaving EU, e go rule say e plan to help Parliament get more role to manage Brexit.

Dis na big issue because so far Parliament dey against No Deal and Mrs May deal.

Wetin dey happun wit di main opposition party?

Brexit don divide not just di governing Conservative Party but also di main opposition Labour Party too.

Dia leadership under di left-wing lifelong Eurosceptic Jeremy Corbyn dey committed to some kind of Brexit, but most of dia members and voters want second referendum to stop Britain not to leave.

Labour dey committed to vote against Mrs May deal on Tuesday, but e no dey possible to say wetin di party fit do in future parliamentary votes wen di mata don tie wrapper close to 29 March.

So how dis Brexit fit end?

No-one know.

For more than two and a half years on, Member of Parliament still neva fit agree wetin to do about di result of di referendum.

Dis one just explain why Britain dey experience dia most ogbonge political crisis since 1945.

But if noting else happun, e dey important to remember say di original position na for di UK to leave witout any deal.

If Mrs May for di end Mrs May no dey prepare to risk no-deal Brexit and if Parliament wan stand dia ground to try to stop am anyway, sometin needs to happunn. What if na anytin fit happun, dat anytin still fit be wetin anybody no know.

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