Secret don come out why some pipo no dey gree fat no mata wetin dem chop

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Image example Dia research don find some new genes wey dey make pesin dey thin.

Science sabi pipo say dem don sabi why some pipo fit chop well-well, no gain weight but for odas e be like if dem breathe near food dem don add instanta.

Dia research find some new genes wey fit be di reason some pipo dey thin.

Di international team tok say dis new findings support di motion wey be say wetin dey make you thin dey your bodi and no be by your power.

Dis go be di first time wey scientists dey chook eye on top wetin dey make some pipo dey thin afta years of research inside wetin dey cause di fat for dia bodi.

For dis study, scientists cari DNA from thin pipo wey dey healthy, pipo wey fat pass wetin dey healthy and pipo wey get normal size bodi to fit dia height.

Di researchers find pipo wey fat well-well get genes for dia DNA wey dey linked to fat.

But for pipo wey dey thin, no be only say dem no too get fat genes but also dem get some genes wey dey keep dem weight.

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Stop to dey yab fat pipo

Di head of di research, Prof Sadaf Farooqi, from di University of Cambridge, don tell pipo say make dem stop to dey yab pipo ova dia weight.

She tok say, "dis research, for di first time, show healthy thin pipo no dey thin because of wetin dem dey chop or how dem dey exercise as pipo don dey tok and tink for long."

"We no get as much control of our bodi as we dey like to tink, so make we stop dey yab pipo."

Scientists tok say di next step na to look which exact genes dey help pipo no cari weight and later see weda dem fit use dis findings help pipo lose weight.

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Image example E dey hard for some pipo to maintain wetin society tok say na dia ideal weight because of genes

But some sabi pipo tink say e still dey important to live healthy life and chop beta food plus to exercise.

Prof Tom Sanders, wey be emeritus professor of nutrition and dietetics for King's College for London tok say, "dis na very important and well done study on top how genetics dey affect how pipo weight dey be for dia lives. But, wen pesin be adult, say you dey fat get more to do with di way wey you dey live life dan genes."

Health sabi pipo tok say weda you get fat genes or skinny genes o, di advice of make you dey chop beta and do exercise neva change.

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