How snake bite woman bum-bum for toilet

Pesin dey comot snake from inside toilet Image copyright JASMINE ZELENY
Image example Na sabi pesin for snake mata dem call to comot di python

One woman from Australia receive snakebite for her bum-bum wen she enta toilet for house.

According to pesin wey comot di snake, 59 year old Helen Richards bin wan use toilet for her family member house wen di snake comot di toilet, like who dem send, bite am.

But because di snake na carpet snake wey no get venom for im bodi, dem just treat her for puncture wounds.

Madam Richards tell local media say, "I feel one sharp tap, na im I jump wit my pant for ground, come see wetin resemble tortoise wey get long neck dey enta back di water."

Image copyright Jasmine Zeleny
Image example Snake sabi pesin, Jasmine Zeleny tok say na water cari di snake enta toilet

Di pesin wey catch di snake Jasmine Zeleny tok say e dey very common to find snake for inside toilet most especially wen weather dey hot as snakes dey find water and na fear make am attack Madam Richards on top say she block wia e suppose comot from.

Carpet pythons no get venom although medical advice be say make pesin treat am wit tetanus injection.

Austrailia don dey get extreme heat wey dey break records and don kill plenti horses, bats and fish.

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