Fowl wey dey lay egg wey get cancer and arthritis medecine

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Researchers don don change some kain things for fowl bodi to make some chickens fit lay egg wey go get drug for arthritis and some cancers.

Di drugs go cheap well well to produce if di chicken lay am than if dey make am for factory.

Di researchers say dem fit increase production to make di medicine for commercial quantity.

Dr Lisa Herron of Roslin Technologies for Edinburgh tok say di chickens no dey suffer and dem dey pamper dem compare to farm animals.

"Dem dey stay for big farms. Dem dey chop and and drink water and ogbonge technician sdey look afta dem everyday. Dia life good well," she tok.

"To di chicken, e just dey lay normal egg and e no dey affect im health." Na wetin she add.

Scientists don show say dem fit use genetically modified goats, rabbits and chickens to produce protein for dia milk or egg. Di researchers say dia new approach dey more efficient and e dey produce better yields and go save more moni dan previous ones.

"Production from chickens fit cost 10 to 100 times less dan factories. So we dey look at 10 times lower production cost," Dr Herron tok.

Many of di disease dey happun because body no dey naturally produce enough protein or chemical. Drug companies dey make di drugs for factory and e dey expensive to make.

Wetin Dr Herron and her colleagues do to reduce di cost na to put di gene wey dey produce protein for humans inside di chicken DNA wey dey produce white for chicken eggs.

No Yoke!

Image example Na di eggs be dis

Afta Dr Herron crack di egg and separate di white from di yoke. She discover say di chicken get large quantity of protein.

Di team focus on two protein wey dey important to di immune system: One na IFNalpha2a, wey get strong antiviral and anti-cancer effects, and di oda one na macrophage-CSF, wey dem dey develop as therapy wey go ginger tissues wey don damage to repair demselves.

Three eggs go dey okay to produce one dose of di drug and di chickens fit lay up to 300 eggs every year. Di researchers feel say dem fit produce di drug for commercial purpose wit enough chickens.

Di development drugs for human health and all di regulations wey dey involve, dey take between 10 and 20 years. Di researchers dey hope say dem fit use chicken to develop drug for animal health.

E include drugs wey go boost immune system for farm animals instead of antibiotics.

Professor Heen Sang of di University of Edinburgh's Rosin Institute tok say dem no dey produce medicine for pipo but di study show say chickens dey commercially viable to produce protein wey go good for drug discovery studies.

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