Breast ironing: 'Schools suppose dey teach am by force'

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Britain National Education Union don tok say schools suppose dey teach about breast ironing by force to protect young girls from abuse.

Breast ironing na practise wia dem go iron girl chest wit hot objects to make sure say di breast no grow fast so she no go dey attract male attention.

British lawmaker Nicky Morgan say teachers also suppose sabi about am because dem get "very important role to play".

'No make mistake cry'

"Kinaya" (no be her real name) dey live for UK.

Her family pipo na from west Africa wia breast ironing from come and dem do am to her wen she be 10 years.

She say her mama tell her say if she no iron her breast, men go dey chase her for sex.

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Image example Hot stone na one of di tins dem dey use for breast ironing

Most times, na di pikin mama dey do di breast ironing wey be say dem go put stone or spoon inside fire come use am dey press or massage di breast and e fit go on for months.

"Time no dey comot dat kain pain. Dem no even dey let us cry. If you cry, dem go tok say you don shame your family say you no be strong girl," Kinaya tok.

Kinaya don become adult wit her own daughters. Wen her first daughter reach 10 years, Kinaya mama tell her make she iron di girl breast.

She say lie lie, she no want make her daughter suffer wetin she suffer.

Kinaya don japa from her family as she dey fear say dem go do by force breast ironing for her pikin.

E fit reach around 1,000 girls for UK wey breast ironing don affect.

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