Birth control pill for men wey go stop sperm production don pass human safety test

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One birth control pill for men don pass di first human safety tests, according to wetin experts for one ogbonge medical conference hear.

Di once-a-day medicine contain hormones wey dem design to stop sperm production.

Dis pill go be welcome addition to condoms or vasectomy - wey be di only options wey dey available now for men.

But dem tell doctors for di Endocrine 2019 meeting for New Orleans say e fit take 10 years to bring am come market.

Dem also say di first "phase one" safety tests wit 40 men 'look promising.'

For di 28 days of di study:

  • 10 pesin take placebo, or dummy pill
  • 30 take di experimental male pill, 11-beta-MNTDC

And among those wey take di male drug, di levels of hormones wey dem need for sperm production drop well-well compare wit di placebo, wey return to normal afta di trial.

Why we still dey wait for di Pill?

Dem launch di female pill for UK more than 50 years ago. So why e be say di male pill dey prove difficult?

Some pipo say na because societal and commercial will nor too dey to make di male pill come out- but from one survey, e show say many men go consider to take am if di pill dey available.

Weda women go trust men to dey take am always, na anoda issue.

One UK survey wey Anglia Ruskin University do for 2011 find out say 70 out of 134 women go dey worry say dia male partner go forget to take di pill.

Biologically, di challenges to create hormone-based pill for men na to make sure say e no affect di sex drive or reduce erection.

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Di side-effects no plenti.

Five men wey dey on di pill report say e affect dia sex drive small - and two tok say de get small problem wit erection - but dia sexual activity no reduce, non of di participant stop to dey take am because of side-effects and all pass safety tests.

Di researchers behind di work, Prof Christina Wang and colleagues, dey happy about di pill but dey warn about dia findings.

"Our result suggest say dis pill, wey combine two hormonal activity in one, go decrease sperm production while e go maintain sex drive." She tok

But dem need bigger, longer experiments to check if e go work well enof as birth control.

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