Kanye West wan take im Sunday Service go play for Coachella - but wetin e be?

Kanye West bin dey Versace event Image copyright Getty Images

Kanye West don announce say e dey cari im Sunday Service enta Coachella for Easter.

Di rapper bin start dis waka early dis year wit beta church type gbedu evri Sunday.

Na for Kim Kardashian Instagram Stories you go find Kanye West and im choir dey sing some of im most famous songs and odas wey e be like new music for wetin im call Kanye West's Sunday Service.

But wetin e be?

Religion na very important tin for Kanye West music and e get big ego.

So wen im start Sunday Service for di beginning of 2019, and e look like e bin wan start im church, e no shock plenti pipo.

But most pipo no know wetin dey really happun for di church, as tori be say pipo dey sign non-disclosure agreement to enta.

In fact, to get invite to di church na prestige on top musicians for for LA as na di Kanye and Kardashian brand dey on am. Some of di celebs wey don show for dia include Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom.

But from clips wey dem dey show for internet, e be like say e dey around di choir or live orchestra.

And na mostly music dem dey do for di church wey dey make di service to dey spiritual.

Also, e don increase di popularity of di West first pikin, North as she dey gbedu in di name of her papa for videos like dis.

But di church neva get permanent site as e dey move up and down. Some time na for one funky room, but mostly na on top of mountain dem dey do am.

Even once video comot of wen dem dey sing for inside plane as dem bin dey travel.

Di rumour wey dey spread be say dis Service wey im dey do na for anoda gospel album afta im release The Life of Pablo album wey get gospel influence for 2016.

Because di rapper bin promise one last album wey im call Yandhi last year but no pesin see am. But as Kanye West go perform for Coachella for Easter, e be like Yezzus dey rise again.

Another thing we de for inside dis tori