Skrillex music fit be correct way to drive mosquitoes - New study

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Dis one fit sound like April Fool joke but according to one recent scientific study, di way to avoid mosquito bites na to listen to electronic music - particularly dubstep by US artist Skrillex.

Di team of international scientists wey dey specialise in mosquitoes and di diseases wey dem cari, explain say sound dey very "important for reproduction, survival, and population maintenance of many animals."

For di experiment, researchers put di adults species of Aedes aegypti (yellow fever mosquito) for environment wey electronic music dey play to see weda e fit work as repellent.

Dem choose Scary Monsters And Nice Sprites music track from Skrillex because of di mix of very high and very low frequencies and find out say;

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Image example Di mosquito repellent - aka Skrillex

"Inside insects, low-frequency vibrations dey help sexual interactions, whereas noise dey disturb di perception of signals from conspecifics [dat na members of di same species] and hosts."

And di results wey dem publish for di journal Acta Tropica, na good news for us and for Skrillex.

Di Music "entertain" Female adult mosquitoes and dia attack to di hosts dey later or less than those mosquitoes wey dey environment wey dubstep music no dey play.

Scientists tok say "Di occurrence of blood feeding activity dey lower wen music dey play".

Di scientists also find out say mosquitoes wey dey expose to di song no too involve for sex than mosquitoes without di music.

"Di observation say such music fit delay host attack, reduce blood feeding, and disturb mating don provide new avenues for di development of music-based personal protective and control measures against Aedes-borne diseases."

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Image example Fumigating, like wetin dis man dey do for Indonesia, na im dem dey normally use to help prevent di spread of yellow fever mosquitoes

Di yellow fever mosquito wey dey plenti for tropical region also dey known for spreading deadly diseases like zika virus and plenti odas.

Skrillex neva comment on top dis new study.

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