Game of Thrones season 8: Pipo cry, rant and para wen Arya 'reveal say she die for GOT'

Maisie Williams playing Arya Stark Image copyright HBO

Weda na play-play or na real, fans of Game of Thrones no wan hear say one of one of dia favourite character, Arya Stark die for di final season of di series.

Many fans don enta social media begin react afta Maisie Williams wey act as Arya Stark reveal for one April fools day interview say she die for season 8 during wen she appear for appear for 'Di Tonight Show wit host Jimmy Fallon.'

She and Jimmy Fallon later let di viewers know say dis na April fool after dem don succeed to trick di fan to think say Maise don leak ogbonge 'Games of Thrones' spoiler.

But plenti fans still dey para as dem no too sure about wetin fit happun for di final season of di series wey go land later dis month.

Those wey already get small fear for mind say Arya Stark fit die for di final season begin suspect say one character go die wen Massie do dem April Fool.

Image copyright SFX Magazine
Image example Margaret Constance Williams, known as Maisie Williams na im act as Arya Stark for GOT

Already for internet and social media pipo don dey post fake leak plus spoilers to kill di joy of everi serious follower of Game of Thrones afta HBO announced 14th April as di date wey dem wan release GoT's season 8.

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