British Student wey dey blackmail porn users dey go jail

Zain Quasier Image copyright NCA
Image example Zain Quasier scam bin dey run worldwide

One British student don chop jail sentence of six years and five months on top say e dey blackmail pipo wey dey watch porn for world unless dem give am money.

Tori be say Zain Qaiser, 24, empire don grow to reach pass £4m on top di scam wey im dey pull wey involve virus companies and oda ogbonge cyber criminals from Russia, China and America wey im dey share im profits as na dem bin dey control di virus Qaiser dey use.

Di way im scam work from 2012 to 2014 be say e buy advert space for di most popular legal pornsites for world as beta pesin wey dey try sell market, and wen di users come press di advert, na so dem go download di virus wey fit freeze dia system until dem pay money.

Sometimes, e go lie give dem say im dey come from FBI and e come notice say you break law as you dey watch di porn and you must to pay fine or else dem go arrest you.

Na di scam e run comot money from plenti pipo hand since wen im be 17 years old.

Image copyright NCA
Image example Qaiser computer wey dey show wen im ransom demands hit im account evri month

Truth be say, no be even di users of di porn websites report am for di scam e commit, cause wetin you wan tell dem say you dey do wen dem block your system.

Dis na part of wetin goment lawyer Joel Smith tok for court.

Na one Canadian company wey bin dey run adverts and no sabi say dem be virus finally catch am and bin ask Qaiser make im stop. Instead of am to listen, e try prove boss for dia head wit virus attack wey damage di company up to hundreds of thousands of pounds.

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Qaiser lawyer, Elizabeth Lambert tok say e no be im fault because im bin get mental health wahala plus senior oga criminals wey influence am.

But one of di advertising platforms wey im bin dey use to spread im virus cast am give police afta im attack di platform with virus come threaten dem say na im be di king afta dem tell am to stop dey advertise viruswith dem.

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