Game of Thrones: How to stop spoilers from spoiling jolly for your life

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Dis na beta words to take search if you wan join all di tok-tok about di shows or you dey find latest tori.

E no fine if you just dey scroll for social media come see spoilers of di shows from pesin wey no "fear god." E dey be like say dem baff you cold water.

As di final season for Game of Thrones don land so, and you know say all dem kill joy winch dem dey your timeline, you go gatz avoid to make enemies for life.

Dodge Social Media like say na gun dem dey shoot you

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We know say, you dey roll eyes, but e fit be di only tin you fit do.

If you know dat kill joy wey like to show off say dem don watch di episode before di rest, block dem. You no need dat kain evil spirit (except na your oga, in dat case, our hand no dey).

Mute WhatsApps Groups, and prepare to mute any Twitter account wey chop di winch of spoilers for your side.

Di truth be say if you no fit trust dem for TV, you no need dem for your life.

Hide from News

Image example Spoiler tori na big tori o!

Today, today, I don see like three articles wey give spoilers of di latest episodes of GOT.

Worst tin be say some go warn you but odas no go even send.

Di koko be say di spoilers wey you dey dodge na di big big entertainment news for plenti tori.

Technology fit Help

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OK, so you no fit avoid news tori on line but at least di article wey you wan read don cut you warning to help you avoid spoilers. But di comments no try for you and now dem don spoil your day.

If you dey use Firefox or Chrome, you fit use Comment Blocker to block spoilers from pipo wey dey read articles.

And Chrome get Spoiler Shield wey dey block di tin wey wan tell you wetin you never watch yet.

No Use Technology

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If you feel say, di solutions wey we give so far no go work for you, abeg just turn cave man, dump all you technology.

No mean say, you go break your iPhone oh! But you fit dump am small to dey d tins wey no go give you time or strength to look phone. Like do exercise, use dat time gist with your friend face-to-face.

No tok to pesin

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Image example Shey we really need pipo?

But gist fit make you break pesin head as dem tell you spoilers, so to avoid tori wey dey touch, dodge human beings so you go fit enjoy your show.

If you no fit dodge human beings, beta tell dem straight wetin you fit do dem if dem try spoil your show.

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